Purification of transformer oil

Про Услугу

∙ removal of water-soluble acids, mechanical impurities, Restoration of color and tangent of the dielectric angle Loss to normal values; ∙ drying of transformer oil (removal of moisture, Increase of test voltage); Equipment of the Etman MCU 4R-NCA U1 oil-cleaning installation: ∙ Mobile (performance of works in the Customer's territory is possible); ∙ fast in connection; ∙ highly productive - 2.5 cubic meters / hour (approx. 2.25 tons / year); ∙ power consumption 35-40 kWh; ∙ waste-free production process (no technological costs of oil, uses the regeneration unit of the sorbent Etman MCU 4R-BR U1); ∙ it is possible to perform work at the customer (without draining the oil from the transformer).