Design and engineering

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We provide services for the full cycle of development and manufacture of metal structures, metallurgical equipment and production lines, according to the technical task of the customer. Services for the development and manufacture of products and production lines are provided both on a one-time basis and on a permanent basis.

Disposable services are the development of single equipment for any technological process in the metallurgical industry. The service ends with the transfer of technical documentation, software or finished product to the customer. If the order is limited only to the development of design documentation, the customer is given the opportunity to design support for the manufacturing process of the developed product.

Services on a regular basis involve design and technical support of customer production. This type of service is characterized by the fact that our company studies the entire production process and equipment of the customer or the necessary part of it. Based on the analysis of existing equipment and technological processes, a work plan is drawn up. Next, in the planned mode is the design, construction and manufacture of products, components, equipment parts and production lines of the customer. Planned modernization and automation of production processes with the development of specialized software is carried out. Also our own offers of questions of modernization and automation of manufacture with their technical and economic substantiation and the subsequent planned performance of volume of works are brought. This approach allows our company to properly plan and allocate its own resources, which provides good preparation for the planned work and their quality.

List of services provided

The following are possible basic options for working with the customer of technical documentation or equipment.
These options can be adapted to the specific task of the customer.

     • Development of technical documentation for the equipment according to the technical task of the customer and transfer to the customer of a package of technical documentation. The completeness of the submitted documentation is specified in the terms of reference.
       This option of cooperation provides for the possibility of design support of the manufacturing process of the product by the Customer.
    • Development of technical documentation for the equipment according to the technical task of the customer, production of the equipment, carrying out start - up and adjustment works, training of the personnel. Product service during operation.
     • Development and manufacture of individual components, mechanisms, and parts
     • Carrying out modernization of the existing equipment of the customer
     • Design and manufacture of technological lines
     • Development of software for industrial electronics (PLC)
     • Carrying out research and development work (R & D).
       Typical stages of R&D are:
             • Conducting research, developing a technical proposal
             • Development of a technical task for research and development (technological) work
             • Development of a draft project
             • Development of a technical project
             • Development of working design documentation for the manufacture of a prototype
             • Production of a prototype
             • Carrying out tests of a prototype
             • Working out documentation
       Delivery of products for production and operation
             • Adjustment of design documentation for identified hidden deficiencies
             • Development of operational documentation
             • Development of working design documentation for repair work